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Dr. Zwick Featured in Historical Image of the Week


The UConn College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources featured a photo of Dr. Charles Zwick with President Johnson during his time as Director of the U.S. Bureau of the Budget.

Editorship for Agribusiness: An International Journal Continues at UConn

Director and professor Rigoberto Lopez has been named co-editor of Agribusiness: An International Journal, and Professor Adam Rabinowitz has been named assistant coordinating editor.

Dr. Charles J. Zwick Donates Half a Million to UConn for the Zwick Center

Dr. Charles J. Zwick signed his next major gift of $500,000 to UConn for the Zwick Center for Food and Resource Policy at a ceremony held on April 23 at the UConn Foundation. 

Areas of Focus

The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Connecticut has a long-standing international reputation in food marketing and industrial organization; environmental and resource economics; and international economic development. The Center's endowment will make it possible to elevate the Department's national prominence and to focus on high-priority policy and econometric driven studies to solve problems in these areas. The Center will engage stakeholders and policy makers at the state, Federal and international levels to identify high priority policy issues.

Food Marketing and Industrial Organization

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Economic Development